Tai chi is a sophisticated health exercise, as well as a martial, medical, and spiritual art.

Health and longevity are at the heart of this integrative art form. 

Known for its graceful, flowing movements that improve circulation, immunity, balance, mood, energy, joint health, and awareness, tai chi is a fun, interactive exercise system as well as a solitary meditation. Gradually, the student trains to move all the joints through their range of motion, building flexibility, strength, and elasticity in the tendons.

Benefits of practice


Improved Balance and Coordination

Accelerated Healing

Joint Mobility

Insight and Awareness

Enhanced Immunity

Stable Emotions

Athletic Performance

Tendon Elasticity

Suspend the crown and release the waist. These are the words of the legendary founder, Chang Sanfeng.

Basic training includes 24 warm up exercises and hand form (108 movements). Advanced practice includes qigong (breath meditation), push hands, applications, and weapons forms; sword, saber, and spear.

Qigong is the internal aspect of tai chi. Engaging the mind, breath, posture, and movement, it enhances balanced functioning of the systems of the body. It is a meditation system that may be applied to developing physical skill, enhancing health, healing disease, and cultivating spiritual awareness. Emphasis at first is to awaken the Dan tian, draw from the earth, and build Qi and Blood.