Acupuncture and Tuina massage - acupuncture can treat a multitude of ailments. Often forgotten, the left hand (sensing) is more important than the right (needling). The power of an integral art lies in comprehensive integration with other modalities sharing as left and right hands using a variety of tools in balance and harmony.

Qigong - is an internal practice that engages the mind, breath, posture and movement, to enhance balanced functioning of the systems of the body. It is a meditation system that may be applied to developing physical skill, enhancing health, healing disease and cultivating spiritual awareness. It is the wellspring of all the modalities of TCM.

Tai Chi - is known for its graceful flowing movements, which improve circulation, immunity, balance, mood, energy, joint health, and awareness. It is a fun, interactive exercise system that gradually trains the joints to move through their full range of motion, building flexibility, strength, and elasticity in the tendons. 108 empty hand form, push hands, applications, sword, saber, spear, taiji qigong are taught at our centre.

Iyengar Yoga - an authentic systematic and comprehensive approach to hatha yoga. Each student has an opportunity to work at his or her own level, progressing gradually as the body allows. Specific needs related to injuries or physical limitations are carefully accommodated. Our Internationally Certified yoga teachers have extensive ongoing training, precise hands on guidance, use of props as aids in our fully equipped yoga studio.

Medicinal Diet and Chinese Herbal Medicine - together they form internal medicine. TCM is an integral art that studies connections and interactions between things and treats the person as a whole system. Integration of features and modalities into a harmonious whole is its essence. Chinese internal medicine depends on digestion and assimilation to get medicine where it’s needed, therefore improving and maintaining digestive function is paramount in administration of herbs and dietary advice.

Weight management - Latest research, methods and food science, in combination with timeless common sense and ancient wisdom. This 12 week comprehensive program combines goal setting, planning, coaching, practical learning, journalling, recipes, herbs, acupuncture, qigong, and supplements.


Autumn - prevention and treatment of cold and flu

Winter - prevention and treatment of osteoporosis; building marrow and brain

Spring - cleanse, detoxify, and regulate

Summer - building chi




A 12 week program offered three times per calendar year. Utilizing the latest research, methods and food science, as well as ancient wisdom, this comprehensive educational includes: an initial consultation, personalized goal setting, healthy kitchen planning/shopping, recipes, a 3 stage liver detox, a G.I. cleanse, qigong, acupuncture (2 sessions per week), personalized herbal medicine and supplement plan. Coaching and support to reset your palate and pH balance, lose belly fat, regulate blood sugar, and sustain a healthy lifestyle.