HEALING ARTS CENTRE is based on a membership model, developing a community of health conscious individuals committed to understanding their individual health challenges and appropriate applications for their health recovery, well being and longevity.

NEW CLIENTS - A month of exploration for $120 +HST

We invite you to experience the modalities at the clinic for a period of one month before you make a decision about which membership suits you best.

4 Acupuncture treatments (drop-in clinic) - ($40 per session = $160)

4 Tai Chi - ($20 per class = $40)

4 Qigong - ($20 per class = $40)

MEMBERSHIP - Preliminary assessment and treatment plan  $120 +HST

Each new member is required to meet with our clinic director for a preliminary assessment. This 90 minute session will include an overview of health history and current health challenges, a general health plan, an individualized medical treatment plan, a diet assessment/plan, herbal medicine formula suggestions, and an acupuncture treatment and Tuina massage.


A. FOUNDATION MEMBERSHIP - monthly program - $240 +HST

8 Acupuncture treatments (drop-in clinic) - ($40 per session)

4 Qiqong classes - ($25 per class)

4 Tai Chi classes - ($25 per class) 

Iyengar Yoga classes - ($25 per class)

Sunday talks - ($25 per class)

The Foundation Membership requires a 3 month commitment, after which a month’s notice to withdraw is required. Fees are collected on an automatic payment plan.


4 Acupuncture treatments (drop-in clinic) - ($40 per session)

4 Qiqong classes - ($25 per class)

Sunday talks - ($25 per class)


SEASONAL talks - $25 +HST per class - Sundays 12:00 - 2:00

Autumn - prevention and treatment of colds and flus

Winter - prevention and treatment of osteoporosis; building marrow and brain

Spring - cleanse, detoxify, and regulate

Summer - build energy

A 12 week lifestyle reset program offered three times per calendar year. Utilizing the latest research, methods and food science, as well as ancient wisdom, this comprehensive educational includes: an initial consultation, personalized goal setting, healthy kitchen planning/shopping, recipes, a 3 stage liver detox, a G.I. cleanse, qigong, acupuncture (2 sessions per week), personalized herbal medicine and supplement plan. Coaching and support to reset your palate and pH balance, lose belly fat, regulate blood sugar, and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Private sessions available upon request. 

The Director retains the authority to decide on exceptions to the membership plan/fees.