Meet our Internationally Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers

Jane Kruse

Jane has been practicing Iyengar yoga since 2000 when she started in a foundations class at Healing Arts Centre. She continues to train at Yoga Centre Toronto under the guidance of Senior Iyengar yoga teacher Marlene Mawhinney. Jane is Internationally certified at Intermediate Junior 1 level. 'I am fascinated by Iyengar yoga because of the dynamic challenges that keep both my personal practice and my desire to teach fresh and exciting.'


Mieko Nakamura 

Mieko Nakamura has studied Iyengar yoga since 1979. She is a certified Iyengar instructor with 25 years teaching experience. Currently, she teaches classes at her studio and private lessons throughout Toronto. Mieko continues her training with Senior Iyengar yoga teachers. Touched by the profound and gentle effects of yoga, she has traveled to India, on several occasions, for advanced studies and training with B.K.S. Iyengar, Geeta, and Prashant.


Adriana Fischer 

Adriana began practicing Yoga in her native Brazil in 1997. For the past 12 years she has been dedicating her study and practice to the yoga method developed by B.K.S. Iyengar.  As a devoted student of the Iyengar method she has completed numerous workshops and courses with renowned Iyengar teachers including Rajiv and Swati Chanchani in Dehradun Northern India; Usha Devi in Rishikesh, India; Faeq Biria (France); and Manouso Manos (USA). Adriana continues to study in Canada under the guidance of Senior Teacher Marlene Mawhinney and she regularly participates in local, national and international workshops with Senior Iyengar Teachers to keep her personal and teaching practice fresh and up-to-date.